Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Team is Home

Thank you all for praying!

City-wide celebration service 10am this Sunday at CHS gym.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Sunday was great day of worship and getting ready to leave. We had a relaxing time of playing with the kids and we met to get ready to leave. The highlight of the day was definitely church and the soccer game that we went to. The boys from casa are on a team that plays in a local league. We sent about 55 of us to cheer them on. It was great. But just like a soccer game they tied 2-2. It was a fun time for everyone as the boys do not have a crowd to play in front of and we enjoyed cheering them on. The people that cheered the loudest were able to take the team out to Pollo Campero after the game. I have been working on getting a highlight video made for the guys. We had three camera angles so it should turn out well.

The teams left at 3:45 and 9:15 am this morning.

** Please pray for safety and the spread of gospel here at Casa and in Colfax.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


The team was able to sleep in today as today we celebrate for the Glory of God our labor and the proclamation of His goodness and salvation to a village. We had doughnuts and muffins this morning from Pollo Campero. The goal today is to give the cooking team today a full day off. Tonight we are calling in Domino’s.

The team left for the village at 9am. The road out to the village for the first half is a nice two-lane road. The second half however, is not quite as nice. These roads were the perfect challenge for our drivers. The Lord kept us save as we wound our way above 10,000 ft. over the mountain and down to the small village. When we arrive people were already gathered, and the band was playing in the church. The women of the church had already started to cook the food. We originally had planned with the church to have the dedication service and then eat lunch. However, so many people were cooking, that they would not leave the food until it was finished. So, we decided to wait, play with the children in the village, and have lunch first. So the coloring books were everywhere even the older adults in the village were asking to color! What a special time, and a wonderful people culture God has given this earth.

Just before lunch, the Gideon team that was with us went around and handed out 300 Spanish New Testaments. They went fast as they were crowded and so many people wanted ones. With the few we had left, the team walked around with Esdrus and went to some homes and gave them to the families.

Lunch was smelled wonderful and looked even better. However, we were instructed to not even taste it due to the chance of sickness. We estimate we fed roughly 400-500 people.

The service was wonderful. God has provided so much! We all tried to squeeze into the church and sang a song. I think it was “When the roll is called up yonder”. Then the pastors from the Colfax churches stood up front and said a few words describing the process of getting to Guatemala. Then I went up front and we presented Esdrus with a picture of a car we bought for him while we were here. We also had the Cook’s come up and present the musical instruments for teaching the children. Then Darlene presented the denim quilt with our names on it to Esdrus. The deacons then prayed for us and there was a presentation to each church for their efforts in the project. I loved how the deacons of the church kept saying, “we thank God first, and then we thank you”! The Esdrus said a few words and then called our entire team up to the front of the church and we were in the middle isles as well. Then he prayed for us and all the people in the church laid hands on us and prayed for us. This was a Spirit filled emotional time, and was a blessing to all as we cried with them and thanked God for what He was doing and will continue to do in our communities. There was no better way to spend and independence day in the mountains surrounded by 4 volcanoes, passing out the word of God, and fellowshipping with other believers!

We thank God for the safe ride home and giving our drivers the skills to not drive off the cliffs of the mountains. We returned to Casa and had Domino’s pizza for dinner as we were all tired and wanted to eat and rest. The 4 drivers on motorcycle brought the 50 pizzas to Casa and we were all glad to see them.

We went to bed early to rest up for worship Sunday and our last day here.

** Praise God for what He has done in the lives of this group and in the village.

** Praise God for His ever-watchful protection and safety as He wills it.

** Pray for our last day here to get done what God wants us to accomplish.

Glorify God in all things

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today was our final workday. The village team went up to do some final tune-ups on the house and church. As usual there was a lot of cement pouring and painting. Some of the group finished up on the detail lettering on the church. Some of the guys stayed out late at the village and on the way home stopped for a nice sit down dinner at a steak house. That crew worked so hard it was good that they could take a break.

The teams hear finished odd jobs around Casa and spent a lot of time playing with kids. One large group constructed wood cars with the kids and painted them. There was sewing to finish and many errands to be ran for tomorrow’s ceremony out at the village. I had to run into the city 3 times and Tim had to go to Chemaltenango to get the food for the village.

**Please pray for our group as we wind down our trip. That we will stay focused on our desire to glorify God and not on our own selfish needs.

** Please pray that God will be proclaimed on Saturday’s village celebration and that people would be saved.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Ross helping in the shop making doors

The team taking over Antigua

Jack helping an elderly man into the Medical clinic

Cacey with Olga

The village team diging dirt at 8,000ft in the mountains

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Early this morning both the village and medical teams left again for their duties. We began preparation for feeding the village. We are expecting over 500 people to come and eat at the church building and house dedication.

Melanie and April left for the states at 8:30am. (This was a planned departure, as they need to get back to engagements and family at home)

Jamie and I had a wonderful meeting with Mike this morning. We discussed many issues and had a good time. We also had another good meeting with Walter. Please pray that we will be able to get a meeting with the CNA in the city and have all the right people their.

The Casa team spent a lot more time moving dirt at the new property site. We could use about 3 bobcats if that gives you an idea… Another group of guys cut, grinded, and welded the new metal windows and doors for the church. We hope to have them placed tomorrow just in time for the ceremony on Saturday. The guys working on the false ceiling finished their job today and had some time to do repairs on other parts of the house. I finally was able to get some physical work in and it felt great. I was able to paint the boys and girls bathrooms at the school with some others from the team. They were a great crew as that was not an easy (smelly) task.

Some of the team continues to have small amounts of upset stomach. Please pray for comfort.

The village team poured the main floor concrete today (three rooms and a hallway). This was quite a task and I hope to have some pictures up soon. There was more painting and trim work to finish up as well. Some of the crew stayed later to work on some more electrical.

The medical team went to two primary schools today and taught over 750 students at each school about dental hygiene. They then went to a small primary school and talked to about 150 kids and a pre school with about 50. The Lord was able to provide so that they could hand out toothbrushes to all of them. They gave another 100 toothbrushes, vitamins, and toothpaste to a lady at the schools who has a community center. They also went to a Bible primary school in a local neighborhood that meets every Tuesday and Thursday. The team gave the director 1,000 toothbrushes and 100 toothpaste tubes to distribute to the children and their families. There are 11 people on the medical team and one always graciously stays behind to help us here at Casa for those who are not feeling well.

Tonight after dinner, we had a truly awesome time of worship and fellowship. We sang a few songs, and shared for about 2 hours what God has been doing on this trip. This time was so special! I cannot describe it to you. Please praise God for He is worthy of all praise!

Some of the medical team went up to deliver more medication to the people who did not get some Tuesday. The team handed out 80 more toothbrushes and toothpaste plus they had a brief dental hygiene lesson. They had about 30 people there for medical follow up. They administered more antibiotics as well as set up referrals and made arrangements to get people to hospitals who had orthopedic or gynecological problems.

Adam and I went to the City to purchase a concessions-sized popcorn maker for a dorm of 58 boys. We also picked up 6,000 vitamins, 2,000 vitamin C, 1,500 children’s vitamins, and 40 bottles of scabies cream. Oh, Adam and I had Guatemalan Wendy’s in town and that was my medication!

The team in the village finished some wiring and moved more dirt while leveling the ground for the main floor cement poor on Thursday. The team took out a tree stump and worked on cleared out an area for stairs. The church is all finished with painting, just some detail work that needs to be done on Friday.

A very rare thing happened at the village. One of our college girls Jessica, had been communicating with some of the Guatemalan women, was called over to her house today. So she went. The ladies asked her to take off her clothes! They then proceeded to dress her in a celebration village dress that the ladies would wear in the village to weddings, and special events. These dresses are almost NEVER given away. The color of the pants represents what state the person is from and the top represents what village they are from. So long story short, the ladies gave Jessica l the dress! Tim was floored as he has seen groups work with other churches and never has this type of thing happened. The clothes given were worth roughly $400 to $500 US!!! So when Jessica came out, Brianna and Cacey came over to her and were telling the ladies how beautiful the dresses were, the ladies took them into their house and have them dresses as well! These people have NOTHING and they are giving their most expensive item to us as a gift of thanks. This event was truly humbling and wonderful all at the same time. Praise God for His ability to teach all of us something more about living like Him every day! Our entire group goes out to the village on Saturday, so please be praying for God to be proclaimed and glorified to all in the village.

The team here at casa continued work hard today. Bill and Graham worked on tile on the floor and another crew continued the false ceiling in pastor Dave’s dorm. The ladies are still working on cleaning the kitchen in the baby dorm! Another large group of 15 or so moved dirt and began to level the ground for the new church and girls dorm here at Casa. Deloris and Armeda cut out fabric for aprons. The rest of the team worked on painting and more painting.

Wes, Dave, Tyler and Bo all handed out matchbox cars to the 5-8 year old dorm today. That was a lot of fun and the boys immediately began racing and crashing there cars. One little boy, who took two, came up to Wes on his own accord and gave the car back he stole. Little things like this happen all the time here. The Holy Spirit continues to work in the lives of these kids.

Today we had an adoption meeting… we found out mostly what we already know. However we are now trying to get a meeting with JonJon down at the CNA in the city with our lawyer. I would really appreciate your prayers on this.

The kids at Casa had Bible tonight and so a few of our team went to that. They really teach these kids here.

Tonight the medical team re-organized and re-packed the vitamins for the medical clinic in the afternoon. They will also get to have some dental hygiene assemblies in the schools today. They are having a good time, serving God with their gifts.

**Please petition God for continued health. We have a hand full of individual problems with health issues, however, no real team patterns of sickness.
**Please also pray for our team meeting Thursday night… we will be worshiping together.